Fernando Najera

Fernando Nájera is a wildlife veterinarian and carnivore ecologist who investigates disease dynamics and spatial ecology in small, fragmented and/or endangered carnivore populations. His previous research includes focus on the physiology and health of free-living and captive Sunda clouded leopards and mainland clouded leopards, and the effect of disease on reintroduced populations of the Iberian lynx and the sympatric carnivore community. As a Postdoctoral Fellow with the Living Earth Collaborative, Fernando will work to understand disease prevalence and spatial ecology of the carnivore guild in Missouri, while also understanding their role as sentinels of ecosystem health. This collaborative effort includes WUSTL, Saint Louis Zoo, and the Endangered Wolf Center (EWC), with Drs. Sharon L. Deem and Lisa Kelley, and Regina Mossotti as mentors to help ensure a successful investigation.