Living Earth Collaborative

Vision for the Future of the Living Earth Collaborative

The Living Earth Collaborative hopes to expand and deepen its interactions between Washington University, the Saint Louis Zoo and the Missouri Botanical Garden, as well as other institutions in the Saint Louis area, to advance the study and conservation of the world’s biological diversity. To do so, we will take on new projects, involve more people, increase our educational and community outreach activities.

Support the growth of our community by sponsoring research fellowships undergraduates. Graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. We are actively engaged in bringing varied experiences and perspectives to our community by supporting scholars of all backgrounds from around the region, the country and the world.

We support research and conservation locally and internationally. Our work varies from detailed studies of species and ecosystems from Saint Louis to the Congo to cutting-edge laboratory and computational science. Our seed grant program aims to initiate new, interdisciplinary projects bringing together expertise from throughout our community.

Our three-way partnership provides unique educational opportunities to train the next generation of biodiversity scientists and conservationists. The great expertise of the faculty and staff at the three institutions, as well as their collections and facilities, provides opportunity for the development of novel educational experiences in the classroom and on site.