An Urgent Mission

The Living Earth CollaborativeTM is a center for biodiversity that brings together three world-class organizations–Washington University, Missouri Botanical Gardens, and the Saint Louis Zoo. The collaborative transcends geographic and political boundaries to conserve biodiversity and sustain life on Earth.

Receive Credit for Biodiversity Internship in Fall 2018

Internships are available and the Saint Louis Zoo and the Missouri Botanical Garden (including the Sophia Sacks Butterfly House), as well as a wide range of other organizations listed on this page. WashU students can receive credit by enlisting in  General Studies 2991 04

First round of LEC seed grants awarded in Spring 2018

Nine grants were awarded by the Living Earth Collaborative to biodiversity research projects. All projects are born from a collaboration between researchers based at two or more different Saint Louis institutions, including Washington University, the Missouri Botanical Garden, the Saint Louis Zoo, Saint Louis University, and more.

Biodiversity News

Washington University in St. Louis

Missouri Botanical Garden

Saint Louis Zoo - Animals Always