Ecological Niche Modeling to examine the interactions between climate-related environmental change, food security, landscape diversity and an emerging infectious disease 

Enbal Shacham, College for Public Health and Social Justice / Taylor Geospatial Institute – Saint Louis University
Sharon Deem, Saint Louis Zoo
Allison Miller, Saint Louis University / Danforth Plant Science Center
Carolyn Lesorogol, Washington University
Ted Lawrence, The Living Earth Collaborative
Eric Fèvre, University of Liverpool
Vasit Sagan, Saint Louis University

The need to better understand underlying drivers of emerging infectious diseases has never been greater. Our research seeks to apply geospatial modeling to assess the relationships among Kenya’s climate, agricultural system, biodiversity and camel and human interactions in determining the occurrence of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS-CoV). 

Figure 1. Social and Environmental Drivers and Pathways to Emerging Infectious Diseases. Source: Heffernan, C. 2018. .