Kaylee Arnold

Kaylee Arnold is a disease ecologist who studies how anthropogenic disturbances impact host-associated microbial communities and infectious disease transmission. Her research has previously explored the relationships between the gut microbiomes of insect disease vectors, deforestation, and vector-borne disease transmission risk. As a Living Earth Collaborative Biodiversity Postdoctoral Fellow, Kaylee will be working with Drs. Rachel Penczykowski (WUSTL), Danielle Lee (SIUE), and Solny Adalsteinsson (Tyson Research Center) to explore plant microbiomes and fungal pathogen transmission across an urbanization gradient and to develop STEM projects with K-12 public schools in St. Louis. Please visit Kaylee’s website: https://www.arnoldkaylee.com and Twitter: @Black_Ecologist to learn more about her research and outreach.

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