Tammy Cloutier is an Environmental Studies PhD candidate whose research focuses on zoological and wild painted dog behavior and growth rates. She is excited to be collaborating with the Endangered Wolf Center and their painted dogs (including 23 new painted dog puppies!). She is collecting data from December 2018 until May 2019 and is looking for interns to support her project.  Additional details are below, but please don’t hesitate to contact with additional questions.

Start Date: ASAP
Schedule to be determined based on availability
Minimum commitment: 3 months, but open to discuss
Location: Eureka, Missouri (near St. Louis)
Compensation: Unpaid


Specific duties and responsibilities:

  • Assist with daily food preparation and feedings of painted dogs
  • Conduct daily behavioral observations of painted dogs
  • Assist with monthly painted dog pup checkups (obtaining weights, physical measurements, etc.)
  • Weekly camera trap maintenance (set-up, data downloads, footage review, etc.)
  • Assist with other project tasks as needed


  • No prior canid or data collection experience necessary (training will be provided)
  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Must be able to lift at least 50 pounds
  • Must have strong interest in wildlife and natural science
  • Must be willing to prepare or assist with food items (may involve carcasses or ground meat)
  • Must have strong work ethic and be dependable

Application details:

Submissions will be reviewed as they are received. Please submit an email explaining why you are interested in this position, your availability, and your resume to Tammy Cloutier at tcloutier@antioch.edu.

Tammy Cloutier
Environmental Studies PhD Candidate
Antioch University New England
Author of Painted Dog Pursuit